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  • Machine building

    Wide range of positioning systems with load capacity from 250 kg to 75 tonnes for machine-building and metal-working industries. Various embodiments for different carrying capacity, dimensions of workpiece, fastened on the mounting plate, as well as automation - manual or automatic control with high-precision servo systems. Most of the system also have design for robotics (series R). Models for robotics have a higher accuracy and designed with adaptation to work as part of the robotic system as an external positioning axis. The standard model range includes: three-axis positioners series DP10, single-axis rotators series DP20, positioners with several working zones series DP30, sliders series DP40 and additional equipment series DP50.

    Welding equipment

    Automatic welding with the positioning systems and robotics requires high-quality and reliable welding equipment. We use the best equipment from leading manufacturers - welding machines, peripheral equipment and materials. Welding equipment mcan be partially embedded in positioners (welding current circuit, supply to adapter plate via a system of contact rings) and integrated into a comprehensive system (welding robotic system).

  • Robotics

    Robotics in the industry - it's a high-performance multi-axis positioning systems for solving common tasks in industry - the construction of production lines for welding, assembling, painting and processing of individual workpieces and complex dimensional parts. Application of specialized robotic systems in modern industry can achieve the highest quality and performance of output products, thus increasing the speed of operations and, as a result - increasing the volume of production of high quality products. Robotic equipment 2-Delphin Ingeniering and our partners - leading European manufacturer - this is the future of high-tech production in Ukraine.


    Our developments and engineering projects support is provided by a team of qualified engineers working in close cooperation with foreign counterparts. An integral part of equipment delivery in the form of solving a particular task for customer's production is assembly, installation, configuration, commissioning and service support. Development of mechanical construction, modernization and adaptation with the selection of best components in accordance to specific conditions of project and customer's requirements.